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It may come as a surprise to you that metal roofing has been commonly available and utilized as a roofing material for many decades.

Metal roofing material has come a long way over the years and is now manufactured in a variety of substrates, colors, textures, and profiles.

Should I Consider Spending the Money on Metal Roofing for My Davie House?

A metal roof is an alternative you should consider for your Davie residence. Metal roofing is far more stylish than in times past and lasts two to three times longer than asphalt shingles, and that can save you money over time by having to reroof your residence less often.

A metal roof can also lower your insurance costs because of its fire-resistance. This can be of importance if you reside in states like Texas and California that are prone to wildfires.

A metal roof adds beauty to your residence and you will likely reclaim most of your expense when it’s time to sell your home.

Lastly, metal roofing is very energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Because metal roofing is energy efficient, it’ll be easier for you to recover the investment of your new metal roof through savings on your energy bills.

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Is a Metal Roof Costly?

Most likely the normal homeowner, in Davie, is inhibited from choosing metal roofing because of cost.

The approximate cost to have metal roofing installed is around double the cost of an asphalt shingle roof.

That being said, metal roofing can be an astute investment due to the life-expectancy of metal roofing versus a shingle roof.

The life expectancy of metal roofing is around 40-70 years, where the life expectancy of a traditional shingle roof is only 15-20 years.

That means a homeowner could wind up replacing a shingle roof 3 times versus the life of metal roofing. In the end, a homeowner could spend fifty percent more for three shingle roofs vs. one metal roof.

While the upfront expense of installation and material of a metal roof is higher than a shingle roof, the life expectancy of a metal roof, which is forty to seventy years, makes metal roofing an option a homeowner should seriously ponder.

Will I Recoup the Cost of Metal Roofing if I Sell my Davie Home?

Because of the increased cost of metal roofing, Davie homeowners are likely to be concerned about whether they’ll recapture the money spent when it’s time to sell their home.

Current statistics show metal roofing can increase a home’s resale worth by 1 to 6 percent when compared to a shingle roof. Also, a homeowner will very likely recover from eighty-five to ninety-five percent of the cost of metal roofing when selling his residence.

One final thing to ponder is that metal roofing can add beauty to your Davie home.

Modern metal roofing materials come in a wide variety of types that mimic roofing materials such as tile, shake, or slate, that can further add to your house’s your home “luxury” value that can make selling your residence easier.

What Local Davie Metal Roof Installer Can I Call for a Free Estimate on a New Metal Roof?

If you are interested in a free, no obligation quote for a new metal roof installation for Davie residence, Broward Roofers can help. Call Davie’s best roofing contractor today at (954) 932-8484.

Roofing FAQs

Metal roof material is long-lasting as compared to other roof materials such as tile roofing or asphalt shingles. Metal roofing will help save on energy costs over its life and is easy to install. The disadvantages of metal roofing are that it can be noisy, it can dent easily, and that it is more costly than a typical shingle roof.

It is possible to install new metal roofing over an existing shingle roof.

There’s definitely a cost savings by installing metal roofing over an existing shingle roof, however, if the existing shingle roof is cracked and cupping, it can be problematic for the new metal roof down the road.

Although tearing off the old shingle roof prior to installing the metal roof costs more money, you will be much more satisfied with the new metal roof, and it will require less maintenance.

If you are considering a new metal roof for your Davie residence, the best option is 24 gauge standing seam metal roofing material. 26 gauge metal roof is a less expensive option and has exposed fasteners, which is not desirable because the fasteners will need to be tightened as the roof ages.

Metal roof material actually has a low thermal mass and it reflectst light instead of absorbing it like asphalt shingles. As a result, your Davie residence will be cooler in the summer and far more energy efficient.

Metal roofing will not increase the likelihood of of your residence being struck by lightning. Instead, it may lessen the danger if it does occurs since the metal roof acts as a low-resistance path to the earth and will help dissipate the lightning.

A newly installed metal roof can lower your home insurance premiums because research has shown that residences with metal roofing sustain less damage from house fires and storms and that means there will be fewer insurance claims.

Stainless steel, aluminum, Galvalume, zinc, and copper are all nice choices for a new metal roof installation in Davie.

Additional considerations when choosing metal roof material include a home’s unique architectural features as well as budgetary requirements.

Metal roof material comes with a baked-on paint finish. It is possible to re-paint a metal roof.

The secret to painting metal roofing is to use the correct primer because it enhances bonding and prevents rust.

A homeowner with proper skills should be capable of installing metal roofing. Metal roofing systems are readily available, and the various tools you will need can be sourced through roofing suppliers or online stores. Installing metal roofing is not necessarily a do it yourself job for a beginner as you will be working on a roof with large metal panels, which can be dangerous.

The upfront cost of a metal roof is going to be more than a typical asphalt shingle roof, however, a metal roof can last thirty to fifty years longer than other roof materials, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

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